Create a trust in honour of Wynn


We attended the regimental funeral for Const. David Wynn and were quite touched by the ceremony. Now I think you get formal permission from his widow and kids and instead of a physical memorial (i.e.: a statue), why not take the funds set aside and put them into a City of St. Albert controlled bank trust bank account where they could earn interest?

In this way, the interest could go specifically to students who want to train to become a police officer, firefighter, or first responder. Then endless amounts of students could have financial assistance in defraying their costs on a continuous basis instead of the funds being wasted on a monument that might fall into disrepair.

Call it "The David Wynn 1st Responder Scholarship" so it brings back good memories of David’s life instead of reminding his widow and kids that he is no longer physically around.

Yours In Christ,

Rev. Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin. and Rev. W. Wade Izzard, Universal Life Church Canada, Edmonton


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