Thumbs up to city council decision on Braeside land issue


Somewhat belatedly and in a marked departure from my usual rhetoric, I wish to bestow a ‘thumbs up’ to St. Albert city council in regards to the public hearing on the proposed Braeside condo project that was held during the Nov. 20 council meeting.

It is my observation that Mayor Cathy Heron conducted the affair in a credible fashion while council members as a whole reflected an openly positive and respectful attitude toward the presenters and the large number of residents in attendance. More specifically, I wish to commend Councillors Wes Brodhead, Jacquie Hansen, Sheena Hughes and Ken MacKay who were obviously listening and subsequently voted to deny the exchange of land. This not only preserves the park and restricts the project but in no small measure, sets the stage for developing a much-needed comprehensive river valley protection plan.

As for the densification component, time will tell when the public hearing resumes at the council meeting of Dec. 11 and the redistricting motion is addressed. These proceedings have thus far left me guardedly hopeful that this new council will render proper due diligence by virtue of being more independently minded and considerate in its deliberations and decision-making than the one it replaces.

Murray Lambert, St. Albert


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