Council needs better priorities


Re: Impact on Ray Gibbon Drive

While I commend city council on its initiative to expedite sewer upgrades to accommodate growth in west St. Albert, I believe its view is shortsighted without examining all infrastructure requirements in this area, especially transportation.

Ray Gibbon drive is no longer a viable option for many commuters during the morning and evening rush hours as it is already at capacity. Waiting for cash from the province for expansion to a six-lane highway is a non-starter – probably the same odds as winning the big lotto payout.

The city needs to step up now, by planning and implementing small upgrades that will relieve some of the traffic flow issues on this road. Consider twinning the section from 137 Avenue to just north of Leclair Way. Use the additional northbound lane to feed directly into Leclair Way (helps with evening rush hour congestion). The additional southbound lane would start just north of the Leclair intersection and would bypass the traffic light (helps with morning rush hour congestion). The City of Edmonton used a similar design to maintain traffic flow on the Henday while the overpasses were being built.

Consider changing the priority (and funding) from the downtown road realignment to Ray Gibbon Drive.

Planning out development in the new areas without an adequate transportation solution is reckless and will only exacerbate taxpayers. If the city can’t keep up with infrastructure development, then it needs to slow down residential and commercial development until it can adequately address these issues.

Michael Moskaluk, St. Albert


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