Conservative senators holding up cannabis law


As late as November last year, our Chicken Little Member of Parliament was still rising in the house to decry the passing of Bill C-45, the bill designed to finally legalize recreational consumption of cannabis for adults in Canada, thus removing criminal sanctions that have ruined human lives over the years for merely exercising freedom of choice.

Legalization is long overdue as many jurisdictions around the world, and particularly our neighbour to the south, have determined. In the last federal election, the people of California, a state with a population greater than all of Canada, decreed that marijuana would be legal and today you can walk into any number of stores in California and buy what you want. Oregon and Washington did the same several years previous and it’s working fine there too, as did Colorado previous to that. Cannabis is legal in a number of other states as well and there are no crazed dopers running amuck or corrupting the youth of America. In fact, legalization has spawned a lucrative new industry in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The bill has passed the house in Canada and is now in the senate where unelected, unaccountable, Conservative members are being obstructionist to the point where Royal Assent is likely to be delayed, meaning we probably won’t be able to walk into a store in St. Albert this summer and buy a gram or two of our favourite kush.

It’s futile, legalization will eventually arrive and these Conservative dinosaurs know it, yet still they deliberately get in the way of progress. The St. Albert electorate needs to remember such asinine  political posturing and vote accordingly in coming elections for more progressive representation.

Dave Burkhart, St. Albert


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