Come enjoy winter at River Lot 56


The River Lot 56 Natural Area Society looks forward to the 2009/10 winter season. Come and enjoy an all-natural winter experience, breaking your own cross-country ski trails, snowshoeing or hiking along the trails throughout the river lot.

After many years of setting cross-country ski trails in River Lot 56, the St. Albert Nordic Ski Club has decided that the natural area no longer meets its needs. We want to thank STANSKI for the many years it has packed and set ski tracks in River Lot 56.

This year the trails will not be packed and set; rather they will be left in their natural, snow-covered condition for members of the public to enjoy. Please feel free to ski, snowshoe or hike the trails of the river lot and enjoy all that it has to offer, including the winter wildlife. We ask that you respect the ski trails that have been broken by skiers by not walking or snowshoeing over them.

To maintain the river lot, users are asked to help keep this area natural. The society encourages the following general rules:

• No littering

• No fires

• No motorized vehicles

• No mountain bikes

• Respect all signs

For the consideration and the safety of users and the preservation and protection of wildlife, we ask that owners please do not bring their pets into the natural area.

If you wish to contact the society, please go to our website at:

Thank you and enjoy the snow!

Riverlot 56 Natural Area Society


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