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CIVC untaxes the tax burden

It’s just about April. Need help with your tax return? The Community Information and Volunteer Centre is here to the rescue.

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program is once again available for free to St. Albert residents who have modest income and simple tax circumstances. It’s a partnership with local non-profit organizations and four volunteers who are trained by the Canada Revenue Agency. Each volunteer offers between six and eight appointments each day to help people with their tax returns.

Ryan Mullan, social media and marketing co-ordinator at the CIVC, noted that they are all well experienced volunteers who have participated in the program before.

“It’s an important help in the community. We identified that there are individuals who could use this assistance. It’s targeted toward low-income individuals. We’re helping to address a need there.”

He added that even though the preference is to assist people with their current tax returns, some people have received help with previous years’ returns as well. Some people have even gone back more than five years of unfiled returns so this service has relieved a huge burden from their shoulders as well.

“You can imagine the stress that mounts on that individual as each passing year goes by,” he continued. “I get to hear people coming out of the tax preparation room and they’re very thankful. In a lot of cases, they can’t imagine where else they would get this help. They know how costly it is.”

Hundreds of people benefit from this program every year.

Clients will need to be able to bring all relevant tax slips including their T4 and their Notices of Reassessment.

Community members must call the CIVC ahead to book at 780-459-6666 to inquire about eligibility and to schedule an appointment. More information can also be found by visiting www.stalbertcivc.com/income-tax-service.

Appointments run from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. from Monday through Thursday until April 28.

Tax returns must be filed on or by Saturday, April 30.


Maximum Income
Individual: up to $35,000
Couple: up to $40,000
Individual with dependent: up to $37,500
For each additional dependent, add $2,500 to the above income level.

Returns cannot include income from:
• interest income over $1,000 (total from all T5s received from bank or investment company)
• deceased persons
• bankruptcy
• individuals who have capital gains or losses, employment expenses, or business or rental income or expenses
• other complex returns

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