City to update developers on off-site levies


Developers in St. Albert will get a heads-up on Thursday on how the city’s off-site levies are changing, in advance of a March 19 annual report to council.

The city collects off-site levies from developers on a per-hectare basis in order to pay for new or expanded infrastructure. Levy rates are adjusted on an annual basis, with the city taking into account what infrastructure was constructed in the past year and how much net developable land the city still has.

The city generally collects levies for four categories: storage or transmission of water, storage or disposal of sewage, storm water management facilities, and roads impacted by development.

“Typically, on an annual basis, we will review the levy numbers,” said acting city engineer Aleks Cieply.

“Essentially, we look at what’s been done and what’s required to be done, and then the levies are reflected based on that.”

Thursday’s information session is set for 4:30 p.m. in the Douglas Cardinal Boardroom at St. Albert Place. Cieply said there will not be major changes to the levies but those who attend will get an idea of what adjustments are coming.

“It’s more just information for developers, so they’re aware of what the levy rates are,” he said.

“Now that we’re entering into development for this year, every time a developer submits to us a plan for a new development, (the levy) is based on what their anticipated development area is.”

City council gets an annual update on the off-site levy, which is happening this year on March 19. Cieply said he will be presenting revisions to the city’s off-site levy bylaw at that point.

He said councillors can decide at that meeting whether to approve changes to levy rates.

The city’s off-site levy bylaw has been in place since 2010 and must be reviewed at least once every three years so it stays up to date. It was last amended in March 2017.


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