City poised to cause traffic nightmare


Has our city learned nothing from the traffic disaster they created when they closed part of Cole Mine Road? The plan for the Jensen lakes area shows that they will close a straight, arterial road that only has houses backing onto it and replace it with an "arterial" road that winds through a subdivision.

This is exactly what they did in Erin Ridge when they routed a huge volume of traffic from Erin Ridge North down Erin Ridge Drive, instead of having them access St. Albert Trail directly. The closure of Villeneuve Road will be even more problematic as there will also be through traffic from the rest of St. Albert and points north who will be accessing Ray Gibbon Drive.

I doubt that Fowler Way will not be designed to have houses along it so all the traffic concerns residents have with Villleneuve Road will be magnified here. Why has this idea not been discarded years ago? Does our city not have people actually trained in roadway design?

Brian Deane, St Albert


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