City buses need bike racks


Are you a citizen being robbed of your own power to enjoy an eco-friendly commute? Are you worried that Mayor Nolan Crouse is not putting forth ideas towards what I’ll coin green preparedness?

I’m not the only one who loves biking — I rely on my wheels to get me almost everywhere. For the longer commutes into Edmonton, I rely on transit. I’ve spoken with dozens of St. Albertans, who like me, find it difficult to bring their bikes into the city. Note to those who have yet to brave St. Albert Trail — it’s fine if you love being honked at and don’t mind sharing lanes with semi-trucks and zombie-text-messaging-drivers.

My priority, which is shared by many suburban dwellers, is to outfit transit with bike racks. I had contact with the Bob McDonald, StAT director, Crouse and other suits on council. The city says bike racks are not a current priority. Sportworks, the manufacturers, offers a free trial rack. A great idea would be for council to step up and show its green colours. The notion that in 2009 bike racks are of “no real priority” is a notion that needs to be squelched. Members of council and transit express (albeit half-heartedly) that they will look into the bike racks when the 2010 budget comes around. Bike racks will only become an important and simple solution if we contact the mayor, even with a micro-blurb remark, telling him to get green preparedness!

As citizens we need to start pushing our own mindsets and the mindsets of others towards a reliance on eco-friendly commutes.

Lexi Pendzich, St. Albert


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