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Chatter: a mix of music and anti-bullying

The behind-the-scenes volunteers that helped Seven Music Fest run smoothly came from various organizations. They include, left to right: Chris Walters, branch manager for Amazon Springs Water; Caroline Smigielski, SAIF executive director; Thom Thackeray, Chair for the Arts and Heritage Foundation board of trustees; Ann Ramsden, executive director for Arts and Heritage Foundation, and Francoise Busque, program manager for Lo-Se-Ca.

Seven Music Fest shares the money

Seven Music Fest is more than a fun family concert. It’s also a strong community booster for St. Albert charities.

Since its 2015 kickoff, an increasingly  larger percentage of monies has been donated to charities and worthwhile organizations.

Last week producer Barry Bailey delivered cheques to three groups that provided indispensable support at the July 8 concert held at Seven Hills.

SAIF, an organization that recruited qualified bartenders to serve drinks at two beer tents received $2,305. Lo-Se-Ca’s green team collected recyclables and garnered $1,313.90

Lastly, the newest member of the team, the Arts and Heritage Foundation earned $2,200 through the sale of 50/50 tickets.

The donation to the three groups totalled $5,819.90.

“We’re very pleased to say it’s the most money our community partners have received to date. A big reason for this is the participation of Amazon Springs Water (in St. Albert) who donated the entire supply of water for our volunteers, performers and guests this year,” said Bailey.

“We sold it for $1 a bottle and then split the proceeds equally between SAIF, Lo-Se-Ca and Arts and Heritage which resulted in all of them receiving an additional $600 each from Amazon and Seven Music Fest.”

Bailey is grateful for the partnerships and their contributions to the festival.

“For us they’ve really helped in bringing the elements of St. Albert to Seven, which has always been one of the most important aspects we’ve wanted to accomplish with the festival. And they’re really fun and enthusiastic people.”

Stomp out bullying

Do you stand by when bullying happens? Or do you call for a stand down?

Family Channel is gearing up to celebrate 15 years of bullying awareness with the launch of its annual STAND UP! campaign.

The television channel hosts Bullying Awareness Week from Monday Nov. 20 to Friday, Nov. 24 with bullying related TV episodes, movies and special messages airing on multiple platforms.

As of today, kids and teachers are encouraged to visit Family.ca to download resources and activities, and enter a chance to win a Stand Up! rally at their school.

The Next Step stars Briar Nolet and Myles Erlick will host the rally.

Visit Family.ca/StandUp for more information.



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