Chance encounter brightens day


Yesterday I had lunch at The Chopped Leaf, it was busy, and I noted a young lady standing and eating her food. I was in a booth, so I invited her to join me and she effusively accepted.

A conversation erupted and it turns out this polite and well-mannered young woman (manners are such a bonus) was quite frank in sharing how much she enjoyed living in St. Albert, the people, and even offered me a share of her food, which I declined, politely, since I was gorging myself on my dish. So this bubbly young woman continued to tell me that she was training for downhill skiing for the Special Olympics. I was impressed.

Her name is Carly and she is 19 and I think she is wonderful person. I said I will watch for her when the next games occur. My take away from this is that had I not invited a stranger to sit with me then my day would have been less bright. Life is awesome.

Teo Zanetic, St. Albert


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