Candidate: Steve Stone


Running for: St. Albert City Council
Years resident in community: 37 years
Neighbourhood: Akinsdale
Age: 68
Family status: Married, 3 children and 9 grandchildren
Education: Business studies with the Institute of Canadian Bankers and U of M: Organizational Behavior, Communications, Law, Business Administration and Accounting.
Current Occupation: Founder and director own company

Q: What was your primary motivation to seek elected office?
Over the past several years, I believe you will agree we have seen a steady decline in the community’s trust in our city’s governance; our trust has been betrayed and in many areas has been lost. Council is here to serve you, not the other way around. This loss of confidence in our governance is continuing unabated. Restoration is needed in the honouring of our common community values, responsible spending and professional planning. Thus, I decided to put my name forward as I do have the right fit of experience and qualifications to contribute positively in serving our community.

Q: What skills and experiences have prepared you for this office?
I have the right mix of professional business, financial and practical experience in serving a wide spectrum of people of many professions. I founded and own a successful St. Albert business for 32 years. Previously, I managed the western provinces for a large international company and was an accountant with the Royal Bank for several years.
I am married 46 years to Marilyn, raised three children and have nine grandchildren. We have been St. Albert residents for 37 years. We are members of Holy Family Parish where I volunteer on the RCIA Team. I am a volunteer mentor with St. Albert Sidekicks.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues to the community?
Many residents have lost confidence in our city’s governance. Our voices are not being heard.
Disrespect for citizens in betraying them in residential rezoning issues. Some have lost the will to vote, as nothing seems to make any difference. On one hand, we have the highest taxes in Alberta and in the other hand we seem to waste the most money in Alberta on pointless projects. The very high cost for utilities is unacceptable. Many are frustrated with poor city planning and development resulting in high street traffic issues, especially on St. Albert Trail and Ray Gibbon Drive.

Q: What specific goals will you work to achieve if elected?
(1) Community values: Councillors are here to serve you, not the other way around. Preserve and protect park space and green spaces.
(2) Responsible spending: Having an Internal auditor is vital and urgent. Expenditures for every function must be analyzed for necessity, cost and justified for each new budget period, starting from a zero base.
(3) Professional Planning: Manage change through growth and plan long-range development goals while preserving the integrity of neighborhoods and respecting residential rezoning concerns.
(4) Advocate for the twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive and completing its connection to Highway 2.

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