Candidate: Jacy Eberlein


Running for: St. Albert Council
Years resident in community: 23 years
Neighbourhood: Braeside
Age: 23
Family connections: Single
Education: BA English University of Alberta
Current Occupation: None

Q: What was your primary motivation to seek elected office?
Since I was eight years old, people have told me that I would be the one to fix my generations problems. That I would fix climate change, job loss from automation, an increasing debt burden. So, I am stepping up. I am running in my city, in which I have lived my entire life. I want my generation to be able to live in our city, the community where they grew up. I want to provide the services that will be needed over the next fifty years. I want to plan for St. Albert’s future.

Q: What skills and experiences have prepared you for this office?
I graduated from the University of Alberta in June with a BA in English with a minor in philosophy, which means I’ve done the paperwork. But I’ve also learned stock research and trading, learned building management, administrative duties. I’ve worked with my blind grandfather and other seniors. I’ve been abroad to see how other communities work outside of Canada. But more than that I have the unique experience among the candidates of being young. As the youngest by ten years, I alone can provide the long term vision my generation needs to stay a part of this community.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues fto the community at large?
Currently the most important issues for our city are our community, our environment, and our financial situation. The proposed branch library is something that many want, but is rebuffed by those who are worried about our finances. It is the same with our transit. Our environment, with Big Lake and Sturgeon River is on the line. And, there is the problem of our traffic, which is not so easily solved.

Q: What specific goals would you work to achieve if elected?
If elected this October, I intend to work on districting so that the housing my generation needs will be available when we need it. This will also apply to seniors, who require the same sort of housing. I intend to improve the technological basis for the city. And, I intend to preserve the environment and promote our communities. A more detailed version of my platform is available on my website.

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