Candidate: Hannes Rudolph


Running for: St. Albert City Council
Years resident in community: 28 years
Neighbourhood: Lacombe Park
Age: 33
Family status: Married
Current Occupation: Manager of second-gen. family business

Q: What was your primary motivation to seek elected office?
City Council cannot continue to function as it has for the last four years. I’m convinced that in order to change things, we need to do the necessary work and not just rely on others to fix the situation for us. I’ve always aimed to rely heavily on a collaborative approach and to actively listen in order to solve problems regardless of the differences in opinion. I want to be part of the solution. I firmly believe that my approach is precisely what is needed, if elected to office, to move our community forward in this ideologically divided election.

Q: What skills and experiences have prepared you for this office?
I don’t have experience in political office. However, I bring valuable leadership experience from more than 10 years in business management, conflict resolution, marketing, supervision, and optimization of processes in a very busy and competitive family business environment. I have been a part of various community organizations, including acting as a treasurer for a not for profit organization, being actively involved in the Coats for Kids initiative with United Way, and volunteering with the Heritage Festival. I was fortunate in my earlier years to have played a part in a humanitarian aid effort in South Africa.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues to the community?
I believe that the main issues include the overall level of hostility between city council members, poor communication between city council and St. Albert residents with a perception that people’s concerns are not being listened to, responsible municipal planning and development, high taxes, financing of future projects including the library/pool/rink space and lack of affordable housing. In addition, business development, addressing slow traffic, photo radar optimization and twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive are a part of that list for sure.

Q: What specific goals will you work to achieve if elected?
I will work to bring a collaborative approach to city council and focus on resolving issues and building positive relationships. I will motion for a feasibility study of Ray Gibbon drive twinning, re-examine photo radar and determine if the process can be improved to increase safety. I will meet with business leaders in surrounding communities to market our city and reduce the residential tax burden. I will support initiatives for better access to data, city processes and decisions. I will openly and consistently exchange ideas and concerns with fellow St. Albertans.

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