Candidate: Charlene Jelinski


Running for: St. Albert Council
Years resident in community: 33 years
Neighbourhood: Lacombe Park
Age: 33
Family status: Married, two sons
Education: Bellerose High School, Grant MacEwan
Current Occupation: Registered psychiatric nurse

Q: What was your primary motivation to seek elected office?
In 2014 I successfully led an appeal to the subdivision and appeal board with regards
to the placement of an air quality monitoring station. In doing so I protected park space
in my neighbourhood from being inappropriately utilized outside its purpose. This was
what initially sparked my interest in city politics. As a tax payer and resident of St.Albert
who has benefitted from all the city has to offer, I want to be involved in the decisions
that will help build our community for our future generations.

Q: What skills and experiences have prepared you for this office?
As a registered psychiatric nurse I have gained valuable experience I can bring to
office. These skills include critical thinking, collaboration, team work, advocacy ability,
strong communication and interpersonal skills. I have also been actively involved in my
union and have sat on a variety of committees through both the union and my employer. I
am a dedicated individual whom immerses myself in my duties and my personal
attributes include integrity, honesty and respect. These skills and qualities would be
beneficial to the overall function of council.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues to the community at large?
In speaking with residents I have heard a very common theme from them. Most are
concerned about the rising costs to living in this community. They are concerned that
proceeding with certain projects (eg. a library, swimming pool or ice rink) will increase
their taxes significantly. They also want to maintain the high quality of standards and
services for which St. Albert is known. Fiscal responsibility is very high on many
people’s priority list. Traffic within the city, issues with public transit and the safety of
residents are also frequently reported.

Q: If elected what would you work to achieve?
I would like to have any major project that will significantly impact resident taxes go to a
plebiscite question. While I recognize council is elected to make decisions on behalf of
residents I feel large-scale projects should only proceed if a majority vote in the city
I will strongly advocate to have the twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive a priority.
I will address issues regarding animal bylaws, work to initiate an agreement for the
holding of found cats and investigate the possibility of a dedicated animal control
I will advocate for those in need to ensure all residents can thrive in our community.

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