Candidate: Bob Russell


Running for: St. Albert City Council
Years resident in community: 50 years
Neighbourhood: Grandin
Age: 86
Family status: Married
Education: Graduate Lethbridge Collegiate Institute
Current Occupation: Paralegal assistant, paralegal mediator
Phone: 780-459-8274

Q: What was your primary motivation to seek elected office?
I have lived in St. Albert for over 50 years and want to make this the best city in Alberta in which to live and raise a family. Much yet to do with good planning and balancing the tax base with commercial assessment.

Q: What skills and experiences have prepared you for this office?
I have served two terms as a school trustee and five terms as a councillor. I always arrive prepared for meetings. I have trial experience with debating experience. I work well with senior administration. I have won two major trials now being used as legal precedent: a real estate case and an exploited foreign worker case.
I have a Level 2 mediation certificate including family mediation. I have national accreditation as a Public Relations Counsel; and an APR designation from the University of Calgary. Mediation is an excellent skill to have in dealing with public and fellow members of council.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues to the community at large?
Most important issue is high residential taxes.
Second issue is traffic congestion on St. Albert Trail and now getting worse on Boudreau Road.

Q: What specific goals will you work to achieve if elected?
To campaign for more commercial and light industrial development to reach an 80/20 tax split in this next term and prepare for even a more balanced tax base in future.
Improve inner city bus service including the handi bus.
To continue my work toward sequential traffic lights southbound in the morning and northbound at night timed to the posted speed limit.
Allow for more advance left turns at major intersections.
To develop more community gardens.
Zero based budgeting and hold hiring to not exceed the percentage of increase in population.

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