Cameron a council candidate


Craig Cameron hopes to translate his recreation and community development experience into a successful campaign for St. Albert city council.

He is one of the first candidates who has confirmed he intends to let his name stand for the Oct. 16 municipal election, and said he expects his volunteer experience and day job will help prepare him for the role.

“I think all of us who enjoy what the city has to offer have a responsibility to give back in the best way they can,” he said. “When I look at my experience as a volunteer and as a professional in community development, I think council is a good fit for me.”

Cameron works as a recreation liaison for a partnership between the provincial government, the University of Alberta and the Alberta Recreation & Parks Association, and said that experience could apply to bridging different points of view at council.

“It’s really about listening to the community and understanding what their needs are, it’s about working with others to create a shared vision, to identify opportunity and to mobilize resources to be able to capitalize on those,” he said.

He said his experience volunteering with the St. Albert Soccer Association and the St. Albert Daycare Society also involves much of the same kind of work.

If elected Cameron said he would want to see council respond to the continuing growth of the city in a balanced way – putting appropriate amounts of effort into the infrastructure necessary to support that growth.

“St. Albert has been a growing community and continues to be a growing community, and it’s just to make sure the decisions the council is making are allowing the city to grow in a way that preserves the excellent quality of life that we’ve come to expect,” he said.

Cameron said he hopes to stand out from the crowd with a focus on responsibly meeting today’s needs, being respectful of the different points of view in the community, and making decisions in the best interest of the city as a whole.

“Those are three values I hold dear, and I think those are three values that will be important to council, and particularly important to council over the next four years,” he said.


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