Business Beat: business expansion and broadband survey for Morinville


Bigger and better

Instead of walking up two flights of stairs at the Northern Alberta Business Incubator that leads into a small office space, law firm Estate Connection can now be accessed from the street.

The business has leased a new 2,800-square-foot space from NABI in Campbell Park on the first floor. Estate Connection primarily deals with creating and executing wills, but the business is far from depressing.

Walls are painted vivid blues and oranges, giving the space a positive feel. Stacy Maurier, owner of the law firm, said she wanted to create a space that was comforting in the midst of dealing with death.

“A lot of people when they’re grieving, there is that depression factor. So we wanted to keep the topic and feeling light so that people could relax and feel like they’re celebrating the death of a loved one,” she said.

Maurier started the business in 2016 at NABI. Since then she has expanded the space and has employed two other full time staff. She has also partnered with another law firm that primarily deals with family law.

Maurier has also been nominated for the 2018 Alberta Entrepreneur Award for her work at Estate Connection. She finds out the results in the next few weeks.

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Web woes

This is the last chance for businesses in Morinville to complete a survey on broadband internet.

The Town of Morinville is asking to hear feedback by March 23.

The survey is part of a project to analyze internet connectivity in the town of Morinville.

After the survey the town will be looking at broadband system expansion and costs, and in April the economic development department will complete its own analysis on business attraction. A final report should be ready in May.

Deborah Robillard, who owns Technical Automotive Inc., said slow internet connection has affected her bottom line.

“It’s hit or miss, some days it’s great but for the most part it is extremely slow,” she said. “I’m very frustrated. We use a lot of software programs for our business and when the guys can’t get on a specific program, that delays us doing service for our customers.”

Since the town’s internet has been so unreliable, Robillard turned to a satellite company to get internet service. She has already completed the survey.

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