Burnstick re-elected as chief


Alexander residents have stood by Kurt Burnstick as their choice for chief, but sent three other councillors packing in this week’s election do-over.

Alexander residents went to the polls for the second time this year Monday for a redo of the 2017 band council election.

Residents held a council election on July 13, but electoral appeal board chairperson Geraldine Hill overturned it in August after she determined that the band’s customary election regulations had not been followed. She directed band returning officer Marvin Yellow Horn to hold a new election.

That election was Monday, and some 467 band residents voted, Yellow Horn said.

Winning a second term as chief is Kurt Burnstick, who also won the July election. Armand Arcand came second, and Stanley Arcand third. (Candidates Allan Paul and Craig Yellowdirt withdrew their names for chief and ran as councillors.)

Re-elected to council were Anita Arcand, Marcel Paul and Cheryl Savoie, all of who won seats in the July election. Ousted were Audra Arcand, Marty Arcand (who was disqualified from the election) and Craig Yellowdirt, replaced by Christopher Arcand, Sheldon Arcand and Joe Kootenay.

Yellow Horn did not have voter turnout data as of press time.


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