Brendon Greene – Green Party candidate


Music teacher Brendon Greene has liked the sound of the Green Party for some time.

Greene, 28, is a Spruce Grove-based music teacher.

He got his first taste of organizing and campaigning with the federal Green Party in 2007 for the Burnaby-Douglas riding in B.C.

Greene grew up in Spruce Grove but had moved to the Vancouver region with his band for a few years after the group won a radio contest to pursue their music.

He moved back to Spruce Grove and continued to be involved federally. He plans to run in the next federal election but listened to a suggestion to run for the provincial Greens as well.

“I want the experience, I obviously resonate with the Green Party and there’s no representative out here,” Greene said. “I’m pretty passionate about citizen engagement and getting the youth out to the polls.”

He listed fiscal policy reform, investment in infrastructure, health and education and diversification of the economy through green investment as priorities.

That fiscal policy reform would include a corporate tax increase of at least 0.5 per cent, he said.

The Greens would scrap the health care levy and reverse the job cuts in health care, as well as increase hospital renovations, try to make daycare more efficient, invest in affordable housing and other infrastructure, like roads, and mass transit.

The latter is a personal priority for him as there’s only one bus in Spruce Grove that goes to Edmonton on a limited schedule. He has an epilepsy diagnosis and has never driven, so that’s an issue for him.

“I have a real personal affinity with a transit solution,” he said.

As for diversifying the economy through green investment, Greene said they would move away from coal faster, though not immediately, and encourage investment in things like solar power or wind turbines.

The music teacher also attended Langara College in Vancouver, studying astronomy while he was there. He mainly teaches drums, bass and guitar.

In his free time, he enjoys recording music in his home studio and other musical activities, as well as publishing music, and also likes to snowboard.

He said people should vote for him because he can help motivate young people who are disillusioned with the political process to go vote.

“I’m starting my political career early and I believe I can speak to a younger generation,” Greene said.


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