Bowling tournament celebrates life of Ken Ahronson


The last bowling ball glided with precision down the wooden lane. With a loud clunk the last two pins fell over and the Ahronson family cheered loudly as they took first place in the tournament on Sunday.

For Davina Cassie, the win was fitting, since the tournament was in honour of her late father, Ken Ahronson, who passed away in a tragic car accident earlier this year.

“It was fitting for the day that it happened that way. It made my day,” she says. “He’s watching over us obviously.”

Ahronson, 64, was killed in a car collision after a stolen truck collided with his car. The police were following the stolen truck on Whitemud Drive, but called off the chase when the truck started driving on the wrong side of the road. Shortly after the truck collided head-first with the car.

Stella Marie Constantin, 62, who was a passenger in Ahsonson’s vehicle, also died in the accident.

“It’s been really hard for my brother and I,” Cassie says. “I think the hardest part was seeing it on the news the night before and then my brother showing up at my door the next morning at 5 a.m.”

Cassie says when she saw it on the news she only knew it was an accident. That night she didn’t sleep well.

“Sometimes you get those gut feelings that something’s just not right.”

Cassie says the family has been slowly healing from the sudden death of her father. The family of avid bowlers decided to organize the tournament to celebrate Ahronson’s life.

“We knew that this is something that he would want to do,” she says.

The Ken Ahronson Memorial Bowling Tournament brought out 32 bowlers, with part of the proceeds going towards the YBC, a youth bowling league at the St. Albert Bowling Centre. About $300 was raised for the league, which Cassie’s children play in.

Ahronson is described by his father, Bud Ahronson, as “passionate bowler”.

“He really loved bowling,” he says. “He spent a lot of time here with the kids on Saturday morning because he loved to coach.”

Bud says the family bowled together on family teams growing up. Back then they all had averages “above 200”, he says.

Cassie remembers going to the bowling alley on weekends with her father. She says her favourite memory of her father is the unique way he used to bowl.

“To watch him bowl was quite priceless. He’d be on the lane and he’d bend over and he wiggled his shoulders and then he would wiggle his butt. Then he has this little hop at the end,” she says, laughing. “It was funny, and that’s who he was.”

Richard Laperle, owner of the bowling alley, helped Cassie put the day together. He says his father used to play on a league with Ahronson.

“He bowled my dad a lot,” he says. “Ken was competitive and he loved to bowl.”


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