Bike helmets protect riders


Regarding "helmet lecture" (Gazette, Aug. 20).

I cannot believe the position Robert Good took with his "lecture" from the RCMP over his decision to not wear a helmet while riding his bicycle in our fair city.

First and foremost as a self-described veteran (assuming he means soldier) he must have learned the value of wearing a helmet. Second, our laws and bylaws are meant to be observed. He has worn a uniform to serve and protect our way of life and our laws, so why would he think for one minute he and his wife are exempt from these laws? Third, common sense about biking safety, you are riding on borrowed time if you ride a bike without a helmet. Bike accidents can result in serious head injuries.

Those officers were good enough to let you off with only a warning instead of a fine and you are complaining?

Please wear a helmet and hopefully you will never have to know the consequences of a serious head injury.

D. Barton, St. Albert


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