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Bigger buses needed for 211

Today (Sept. 6) is the second day I have ridden the first scheduled 211 bus in the afternoon since the new season started. No, the times haven’t changed, but something very significant has – the size of the bus. For the past couple of months, we had a larger bus and it was nearly empty because people were on vacation and Victoria School was out for the summer. Now that everyone is back to work and the school is back in, we have a regular sized bus and it is standing room only. What gives? We need a larger bus so people don’t have to stand all the way to St. Albert. When will we get a bus that will allow riders to be seated instead of standing and taking the chance of becoming airborne if the driver has to stop quickly?

Oh, that’s another thing. Could you please train some of your drivers in anger management? We have had two different drivers this week (yes, two in two days) and both of them speed and then have to slam on the brakes to stop, causing people who are standing to lose their balance and fall on other passengers. Not good. These drivers have also been heard to swear under their breath, hoping no one else will hear. Also not good.

Transit is a vital service to those of us who work in downtown Edmonton and we pay a lot for our passes every month. I think we deserve better service than what we are getting.

Janet McCormick, St. Albert

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