Big Lake now out of reach


This is an open letter to the City of St. Albert, the Province and some of our local large companies.

Today I tried to walk to Big Lake to catch a glimpse of the snow geese my husband heard last night. As I tried to cross under Ray Gibbon Drive, I couldn’t go any farther as the trail is closed with a sign reading something like "Trail closed, flooded, use other routes."

Now what other routes are there to Big Lake, Lois Hole Park and the boardwalk there? Can’t cross Ray Gibbon Drive safely – anywhere. A safe crossing would be a pedway.

If the City or Province can’t get their act together and build a pedway, what about one of our local large businesses who having building as their expertise stepping up and doing the project as a donation to the community?

Deb Brostrom, St. Albert


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