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Did you know you don’t have to choose between a life, work and school?

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We’re all stretched thin with time, trying to squeeze precious minutes out of our day so we can get our task list done.

But the to-do list seems never ending, while our time to do it seems to disappear.

In an already busy world, how does one find time to do it all? How can one live a life and go to school to make the best life possible?

Sometimes, you have to choose: school and sacrifice a life, or work and sacrifice school.

But did you know you don’t have to choose between a life, work and school?

Athabasca University gives you flexibility the you need so you don’t have to sacrifice what is most important to you.

At AU, we have monthly start dates for undergraduate courses allowing you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. With this type of flexibility, you can plan months, even years ahead to stay on track and not lose what’s most important to you: time with friends, time with family, time for travelling or time working to get ahead.

AU offers you the choice to take one course at a time or if you’re able to balance your life with full- time studies, a full course load. The option for course extensions is also available to you, when life just gets in the way of school, and affords you more time to complete your course without academic penalty.

So consider how you want to spend your time. Can you do it all with the time you have.

With Athabasca University, the answer is yes. The time for AU is now.



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