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Two missing from council

At Monday’s City Council meeting only five members of the seven-person team were in attendance.

Coun. Wes Brodhead was not available to attend council as he was attending a strategic planning session for his part-time job with the St. Albert Alliance Church. Coun. Ray Watkins was also missing from the meeting as he was out of town to help his elderly mother move.

Rezoning of Jensen Lakes

Council passed a motion that now redistricts the Zone 6 area in Jensen Lakes. The area sits north of Villeneuve Road and west of Walmart on St. Albert Trail.

A public hearing took place before the vote was held, although no members of the public were in attendance to speak to the changes. Susan Monson from Melcor, the company developing Jensen Lakes, was on hand to answer any questions council had about the project.

Right now the Zone 6 area in the Jensen Lakes Land Use Bylaw is designated as an urban reserve and is an empty undeveloped space. The redistricting has re-designated around 3.2 hectares of land to become low-density housing. The storm water pond to the east of the land parcel would remain intact.

According to the city the area would be turned into single detached homes in the Jensen Lakes subdivision and construction is planned to begin this summer.

Changes to public hearing process

Monday’s council meeting was the last meeting before the rules on public hearings changed.

On Feb. 20 city council changed the procedure bylaw, which made major changes to the process for public hearings.

Council must now pass the first reading of a bylaw before deciding when to hold a public hearing on it, instead of having the public hearing at the same meeting as first reading.

As for public presentations, presenters need to register five business days in advance if they are not speaking about something already on the agenda and provide the city with copies of their presentation at least 30 minutes before the meeting.

In Monday’s meeting Coun. Sheena Hughes expressed her opposition to the new public hearing rules.

“I just wanted to note to council that this is the last time we will be able to actually move something forward all in one council for a developer that is very non-contentious and very straightforward,” Hughes said.

On the search for street names

The City of St. Albert has once again kicked off a call for potential names that could one day find themselves on a street sign, park sign or building.

Each year, St. Albert updates its Potential Significant Names list, and future possibilities include any St. Albert resident – past or present – who has contributed to the community.

The city is accepting submissions until June 30.


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