Angry about police priorities


I find myself more and more frustrated with the local law enforcement these days, and wonder how many more feel this way. It seems to me that the prime focus of the police force has shifted from the original goal of stopping crime or catching criminals to a more profitable goal of ticketing honest citizens.

In the past three years I have had my vehicle broken into four times, my trailer has been stolen along with all my tools, and I have had over 200 ounces of silver stolen out of my house. I’ve come to realize reporting these losses is strictly for tax purposes, as not a thing is ever done until it is too late. My trailer was never recovered, the cops never seem to patrol at night to catch car hoppers despite how rampant it is, and when my silver was stolen it took them six months to finally look into it. Obviously six months later you’re not going to find anything, so why waste my time, your time and our taxes.

When one of my neighbours responded that the cops were very busy and take a while to get to dealing with crimes I found it quite humorous as I see several cops each day sitting in the money printers (photo radar), or standing on corners with their speed guns, etc. Ask yourself St. Albert, do the cops really protect us from criminals or are they too distracted handing out tickets to honest men and women who have no choice but to pay them for fear of having their vehicles taken away? Maybe it’s time they take their focus off of us and put it towards real criminals.

Scott Stack, St. Albert


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