Akinsdale escape looks like a Roman bath


There’s a lot of smoke-and-mirrors style wizardry to be witnessed in a recently renovated Akinsdale bedroom en suite bath.

Some of the comfort to be found there is very real, like the Jacuzzi tub and the two-sink vanity, but none of the décor is ordinary. The renovating couple, who chose to remain anonymous for this article, transformed every corner of this remarkable en suite by using wallpaper, a dramatic skylight and a custom-designed floor. When you enter this en suite, it’s as if you’ve escaped to a Roman bath.

“We took an old hot tub out of that bathroom and replaced it with a Jacuzzi tub. All of the wallpaper and the ceiling tiles, the client searched for online and ordered in,” said contractor Chris Bell, of Bristle Bay Home Improvements.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s easy to imagine bathing in this Jacuzzi and letting warm waters circulate and take your troubles away. Art wallpaper brings images of Tuscany so close, you can almost smell the grapes on the vines. Overhead, it’s as if the sky is blue and the marble floor is even heated.

“Around the skylight they wanted us to paint it blue, with white clouds,” said Bell.

An olive-leaf motif is repeated throughout. The door frame is a patterned blue-grey colour and resembles a Roman pillar, complete with a squared off capital on top.

“The custom trim mouldings are made of foam, not wood,” Bell said.

Bell installed the marble flooring, including a central medallion, made up of many small pieces of marble fitted together.

“The marble looks nice but I would advise putting something rubber-backed on the floor because when it’s wet, marble can be slippery,” he said.

For additional elegance, Bell installed gold-coloured fixtures and one other touch of faux styling in the separate stand-up shower. This shower must be considered an escape too because it looks remarkably like an old-style telephone booth. There’s a dark panel behind the shower head and a black hand-held shower nozzle too. It looks as if you might use it and phone anywhere your imagination could take you.

Art wallpaper that puts you in a scene that’s different from the one you are accustomed to looking at is available locally and while this exact Tuscany scene may be hard to find, there are many others to choose from.

“There are all kinds to choose from. We probably have 70 books of art wallpaper. People come in and sit for a couple of hours. Sometimes they borrow a book and bring it home with them. Choosing a scene is not a quick process,” said Pat Drebit, a salesperson with Days Paint and Wallpaper.

The best thing about this en suite bathroom is that it is completely separate and private from the rest of the home. It truly is a place of refuge.


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