Addressing homelessness is a worthy goal


I must have read Doug Toshack’s Nov. 18 letter to the editor half a dozen times to try to make sense of it – to no avail. Addressing and preventing homelessness will actually address and prevent the issues that Doug raises in his letter. I cannot imagine why Mr. Toshack wants to see homelessness in St. Albert.

If Mayor Cathy Heron said the opposite (“we won’t tackle homelessness” or “we would like to see homelessness increase”), I could understand such a reaction. But I just don’t understand an argument that claims addressing a social issue causes the social issue. The “proof” that Doug presents in terms of Edmonton’s McCauley neighbourhood shows an even poorer understanding of complex socio-economic issues and their causes and solutions.

Replace the word “homelessness” with “racism” or “domestic violence” and re-read Doug’s letter. Not only is the logic flawed, it smacks of the false reputation of elitist NIMBYism that I know St. Albert to be much better than.

A. Burkhart, St. Albert


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