Wildlife officers did their jobs


I just read: “Moose shot dead in city” (Gazette, April 1). Yes, it is unfortunate the mother moose died. There is concern the fish and wildlife officers didn’t do their job properly and there is a call for an investigation.

In my opinion, the officer had seconds to make his decision. The fish and wildlife officers not only did their job, they did it well. There were no injuries to bystanders or the officers themselves.

One day a moose arrived on our front lawn, I was grateful fish and wildlife responded and I hoped for a happy outcome. I felt the priority was to protect the people on our crescent and that the officers would be able to get the moose to leave.

Wild animals often wander into cities looking for food and we have no idea how they will react. When the people that are called to protect us, they should be complimented not criticized. They have dealt with the situation.

Jo Anderson, St. Albert


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