MacKay should have stayed away


Political grandstanding comes out more during an election. Cam MacKay was doing just that when he sat outside the courtroom for Nolan Crouse’s hearing, then issued emails and statements on his reason for doing so. He claimed he was there in his official role as deputy mayor in case the mayor was removed from office. Did he think he would be handed the nuclear codes or a secret signet ring?

This just proves he lacks empathy, discretion, and common sense. A decent person would have shown some respect and stayed away or maybe been at city hall if he really thought he would have to step in as mayor; the mayor works at city hall not in an Edmonton court room.

What was Cathy Heron doing that same day? She was representing St. Albert at regional meetings. That’s more inline with deputy mayor duties, and the type of dedication we want from our next mayor.

Lisa Klein, St. Albert


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