Congratulations to Jeff Hansen


Jeff Hansen!

I was thrilled with reading the article about Jeff Hansen being inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. He has covered all sports in St. Albert for many years with a focus on the young athletes and the local coaches. I have coached hundreds of games in St. Albert and been involved with the St. Albert Rugby Club in numerous capacities and have seen Jeff work his craft.

As my children went through the many sports, schools, and events that Jeff covered, I appreciated how much effort he put in, so those events feel larger than life for those involved. The junior high volleyball and basketball finals are like the final four. He covers the school schedule during the year and then makes the playoffs like the NCAA playoffs. The finals have a two-edition coverage where there are pictures and comments from numerous students. He always focuses on the athletes and includes many in his report.

His coverage of high school sports is phenomenal. He covers all the local high schools in many sports and divisions. When you read about a team leading a division two league it sounds like a team winning the Ivy League. Each week numerous teams and students are highlighted with all schools mentioned in every article.

All adult leagues are covered the same way. All readers know who wins and is involved in men’s and women’s soccer, ball, curling and rugby. As our rugby club has grown and experienced much success Jeff has been there to cover it. I am most impressed with how his knowledge of the game has grown. He is a student of the sports.

Congratulations to you Jeff.

Thanks to the Gazette for their support and thanks to Jeff for what he has done the past 25 years. Reporting community sport better than anyone!

Terry MacPherson, St. Albert


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