Annexation may cost good farmland


Re: "Room to grow" (Gazette, March 1).

Whatever happened to the concern about urban sprawl? It appears that it means nothing to Mayor Nolan Crouse.

Some time ago, Dr. David Schindler, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, U of A asked why cities have to continuously expand. I do not know if anyone answered the question or even cares.

Edmonton and St. Albert will run out of water in the not too distant future. Better get on the recycling of sewage for drinking water as Singapore does 100 per cent. San Diego is now in the process of doing this. The alternative is a scene of abandoned homes and buildings as in Chicago; or scenes of endless rubble as in the “Hunger Games” Panem.

The world has approximately 60 years of topsoil left. Much has been degraded and food grown on it is far less nutritious than it was even 50 years ago.

So what are St. Albert, Edmonton et al doing? They are going to annex some of the best growing soil in the world and destroy it for mindless expansion.

I think that Mayor Crouse et al should erect a monument to themselves for the St. Albert and area residents of 50 to 100 years hence. The inscription could read: “This monument is dedicated to the leadership and foresight of Mayors Crouse et al, who ensured that good agricultural land was annexed and utilized for the gallant humanitarian purpose of housing expansion.”

Mike Balaski, St. Albert


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