Accusations at last council meeting act of opportunism


As a former member of St. Albert city council (2007-2013) I was disappointed to learn of the accusations leveled against Councillor Cathy Heron at city council on Sept. 11. They smack of opportunism and desperation. The timing of this incident, presented at the last sitting of the current council, certainly guaranteed maximum media coverage. Why focus only on Councillor Heron? Why this specific meeting? The reason provided: because Councillor Heron is in the “spotlight.” Ms. Heron is no more in the spotlight than the twenty-some other candidates running in the election.

As it turns out, the accusations are completely false, as the city manager has confirmed after his review, that there is no malfeasance involved with councillor Heron’s expense claims.

Political tactics of this nature are unhelpful in selecting the best mayor and council possible to represent our city. I find it disrespectful, not only to Councillor Heron but to the spirit of the democratic process and to the citizens of St. Albert. Cathy consistently takes the high road and conducts herself with class and dignity; her behaviour and ethics are beyond reproach. Her effective work on council, along with her extensive involvement on regional committees and municipal organizations outside of St. Albert, has well prepared Cathy for the important leadership role she seeks as the mayor of our city. It’s also reassuring to me that many of my friends and colleagues share the same confidence in this dedicated woman that I do. She is diligent, she listens and she will put the best interests of her city first and foremost.

Having twice been through the political trenches as a former councillor, I have a reasonably good understanding of what’s involved for a council team to function well and for that reason on Oct.16 I’ll be voting for the experienced, inclusive and effective Cathy Heron for Mayor; I would very much encourage you to consider doing the same.

Roger Lemieux, St. Albert


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