Vote for candidates who care about the taxpayer


I was disheartened to see some of the local citizenry submit negative comments about candidates Sheena Hughes and Cam MacKay, however, we do live in a democracy and that is their privilege.

It is evident the comments are from one of the many rich affluent elitists who have no concerns about money and have little concern for we troglodytes who are ordinary earners, senior citizens, or those struggling to make ends meet. The person who utters such gobbledygook is akin to someone driving a Mercedes or BMW and never complains about getting a photo radar ticket in the mail. I’m sure it does not hurt his/her pocketbook in the same manner as the person driving a Ford Focus. I expect comments from such persons would be similar to those  who would tell me to move if I don’t like the high taxes.

I compliment these councillors, MacKay and Hughes for maintaining some vigilance on keeping the lid on spending. While some might think the city is pretty with all the crosswalks painted and colors of pink, blue and whatever is used, it is an absurd and unnecessary cost and something that will find its way into the eco-system.

I notice there are many candidates running for this election who appear to have hidden agendas and people would be wise to determine who these candidates might be. I find it deplorable the way Mayor Nolan Crouse has chosen to send out a plebiscite regarding new buildings for the community and I can only describe it as another smoke and mirror facade.

I find it strange indeed that they are looking for a new arena when everything about the old one still rings out as a costly endeavour. If I’m not mistaken, albeit told Servus Place would be a self-sufficient operation, I’m still paying a yearly stipend on my tax bill. It has also been interesting that most projects that have been undertaken have gone so far over budget that we will be paying for these forever and a day.

I wonder if anyone has ever been taken to task for these overruns. I doubt it.  Please vote for candidates who care about the city – but also the taxpayer.

A.I. Smith, St. Albert


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