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Local News The man behind the fireworks

Every year, thousands of St. Albertans take in the New Year’s Eve fireworks display put on by Thunder F/X. They "ooh" and they "aah" at the celebration that brings the community together, making our big city seem like a small town again if even for only 15 minutes.
Maybe that’s the plan. After all, Rob Kowalyshyn – the master technician behind the pyrotechnics company – grew up here when it was still a town. A lot of his fondest memories are of Old St. Albert, a place where you could skate at the Ducky Dome or sled like a rocket down Seven Hills. He played hockey with Jamie McLennan. He drank beer out of the Stanley Cup when Messier brought it to the Bruin Inn after the Oilers first won it in 1984.

Entertainment Hustlers rule

Things sure were a lot different in the late 1970s. There were many interesting hairstyles, a lot of polyester outfits and some very unique characters.…

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