It is time to build the branch library


On the Oct. 16 ballot, residents will be asked to provide an indication of their appetite for three projects currently in the 10-year Capital Plan – a branch library, a sixth sheet of ice and additional aquatics space.

There’s no doubt that all three will be required to serve the future needs of a growing community; but, and here’s the big difference, it’s been at least 18 years since the need for an expansion of library services has been recognized. Aquatics and ice capacity were addressed by the extension of Fountain Park Recreation Centre and the construction of Servus Place (2000 and 2006 respectively).

Alone of the three capital projects, the branch library is pretty much good to go. As of now, planning for the project has been unanimously approved by city council, a conceptual floor plan has been developed, and administration has the go-ahead to borrow the necessary funding. All that remains is to determine the location and obtain the land, proceed to the detailed design, and dig in.

So let’s take that next step, let’s vote for the project which will bring St. Albert citizens the earliest benefits. It’s time to build that branch library.

Rachel Vincent, St. Albert




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