Organizing the garage


The great seasonal shift has begun for many people who own a garage full of stuff. Garden tools and toys must be moved to the side as the cobwebs are dusted off of the hockey gear and snow shovels so they can move out front. The shove syndrome may take over as things are stacked and pushed out of the way. If you are lucky, you still may get one car into the garage.

Closet and garage organizers say the trick is to prioritize garage items according to the season.

“The old saying, a place for everything and everything in the right place, is especially true for garages,” said Reece Schulte, a designer for California Cabinets.

Schulte recommends California Closet brand, Fusion Track Walls should be installed right onto the garage walls. The racks can be built to any height so that everything is moveable and accessible. Things like rakes and pruning shears and even lawn chairs are hung from hooks on the tracks and when you need them, they will be easy to find.

“It’s simple because they can be installed at any height so you get things up off the floor,” Schulte said.

The bigger, heavier stuff is kept at counter height.

“You match the scale of items to the storage. Lighter things are on the top of the track,” Schulte said.

California Closets does not sell tire racks, Schulte said, but recommended wall mounts for those items too.

“The best place to get those is Princess Auto or Canadian Tire,” Schulte said.

As the garage is organized, the long-term storage items will be separated from the seasonal items, but some things, such as Christmas or Halloween decorations only come out once a year.

“I use hooks and bars for the frequently used items, like brooms and shovels and sports equipment and I use see-through totes for other items that are put on shelves,” said Sheldon Ness-Munro, owner of Inline Solutions and an installer for Monkey Bars storage racks.

“Our system hold up to 1,000 pounds for every four feet. That way you can hang up heavy things like shop vacs and car jacks,” Ness-Munro said.

The system is arranged in tiers that come out from the wall. The lowest bar might be used for a garden hose and the top bar for lawn chairs.

“In my own garage, I have 16-feet of storage divided into four sections. One section is ski and hockey stuff; one section is garden tools and so on. That’s how I’ve organized it,” Ness-Munro said.

Sorting things is not just more efficient, it’s a space saver.

“With a system sorted like this, you save space because you utilize every inch of your garage, including the walls and ceiling,” Ness-Munro said.


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