Mayor and council should do us proud


Now that the tumult and the shouting is over the city can get into business as unusual.

That is a metaphor for “disruptive innovation” i.e. the citizens want to see significant changes:

1. Real transparency – get to know the Municipal Government Act and follow it when you
are thinking about going in camera. The act is reasonably clear about this.

2. Be prepared for meetings. It is usually obvious who has come prepared and who has not read and digested materials sent to you prior to council meetings. The unprepared create inefficiencies by stumbling about. This creates conflict and outdrawn meetings.

3. When I watched the news about the City of Houston flooding, a commentator stated that much of the problem was related to developers being out of control. I thought about the railway noise that irritates residents near said railway. Why do the taxpayers have to fund the noise cessation? Who or what created the original problem.

Good luck mayor and councillors. Do the city proud!

Michael Balaski, St. Albert


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