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Candidate Q&As: What has prepared you for office?

In this question-and-answer series, the four St.-Albert-Edmonton candidates will address issues in our community ahead of the Sept. 20 vote.
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The 44th general federal election is well underway with only days left until the Sept. 20 vote. There are four candidates running in the St. Albert-Edmonton riding: Conservative incumbent Michael Cooper, People's Party of Canada Candidates Brigitte Cecelia, Liberal candidate Greg Springate, and New Democratic Party candidate Kathleen Mpulubusi. Each candidate was given a series of questions and up to 100 words to answer each one.

What skills or experiences have prepared you for office?

Conservative incumbent Michael Cooper: 

I have served as the member of Parliament for St. Albert-Edmonton since 2015. As the MP, I have championed issues important to this riding and served on key House of Commons committees, including justice and finance. I have worked hard to be accessible to constituents and provide excellent constituency services. Prior to my election, I worked as a lawyer at a leading Edmonton law firm. I am a lifelong resident of the riding with extensive community involvement.

People's Party of Canada candidate Brigitte Cecelia:

I am approachable. I have developed excellent listening skills through employment and volunteerism. I am principled and disciplined to make change happen. I am practical and passionate, with a strong moral and ethical feel for life.

Liberal candidate Greg Springate:

As an accountant, I understand the key economic issues facing our businesses, industries, community, and country.  As an accounting professor, I see first-hand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the next generation of business leaders. To these issues, I bring my community values as a Rotarian. One of my best skills is listening — to clients, students, and community members — and then helping them achieve their goals. I can bring my broad experiences from public accounting, consulting, and teaching to help build prosperity for the people of St. Albert-Edmonton.

New Democratic Party candidate Kathleen Mpulubusi:

I have spent my life in public service. From my time as an educator to my current roles with Canada Post and CUPW, I have always felt the drive to help those around me. My background and work within the union has taught me to stand up for our beliefs and for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Working with people from diverse backgrounds, geographical locations, cultures, and identities gives me a unique skill set among my peers. My experience in diplomacy, advocacy, and communication put me in the ideal position to represent the people of St. Albert-Edmonton.

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