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Candidate Q&As: What are the region's top issues; how will you tackle them?

In this question-and-answer series, the four St.-Albert-Edmonton candidates will address issues in our community ahead of the Sept. 20 vote.
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The 44th general federal election is well underway with only days left until the Sept. 20 vote. There are four candidates running in the St. Albert-Edmonton riding: Conservative incumbent Michael Cooper, People's Party of Canada Candidates Brigitte Cecelia, Liberal candidate Greg Springate, and New Democratic Party candidate Kathleen Mpulubusi. Each candidate was given a series of questions and up to 100 words to answer each one.

What are the top issues in the region you're running in and how do you plan to tackle them?

Conservative incumbent Michael Cooper: 

The biggest issue is jobs and the economy. Conservatives have put forward a comprehensive jobs plan to help the hardest-hit sectors and support small businesses by providing incentives to invest in, rebuild, and start new businesses. Alberta’s energy sector has been hit hard by misguided Liberal policies resulting in the loss of jobs and investment. We will work to restore regulatory certainty and prioritize getting Alberta’s energy to tidewater. Health-care funding is also important. Conservatives are committed to a six-per-cent annual increase to provinces over 10 years. This increase will benefit Albertans, and help reduce wait times.

New Democratic Party candidate Kathleen Mpulubusi: 

As I have been canvassing, people have expressed concerns about affordability, strengthening and protecting our health-care system, and dealing with the effects of climate change. But overall, people want a representative who is there when they need them and who is responsive to their concerns. People want to know that workers will share in the opportunities of economic transition and that we are serious about climate change. Having an attentive MP throughout these challenges is an essential need in the riding. There are major concerns with strengthening and protecting our social support systems with pharmacare and other supportive policies.

Liberal candidate Greg Springate: 

Economic recovery. Coming out of the pandemic, jobs and the economy are top of mind for the people of St. Albert-Edmonton. As a chartered professional accountant with extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, I understand those concerns and what it takes to kick-start and grow an economy. Affordable and accessible child care is a key plank to building back our economy so that families — especially women —can return to the workforce and contribute to our economy.

People's Party of Canada candidate Brigitte Cecelia: 

Lockdowns have created desperation within the business and family communities in my riding, with issues stemming into community health, economic and personal finance, and educational conditions. As a federal government we will honour provincial jurisdictions and create a permanent system of funds transfer using the GST for health-care funding. 

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