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David Haas

David Haas’ column has been appearing in the Gazette since 1994. In 2001 he received a Suburban Newspapers of America first place award for three columns that dealt with Canada’s military.

Haas most frequently comments on international or national affairs and often links his comments to his own experiences, which include long service in the armed forces and as a lawyer in public practice. He is presently active as a playwright and is involved in the emerging St. Albert theatrical community.

Dr. Alan Irving Murdock

Alan Murdock has been a citizen of St. Albert since 1990, when he and his family moved relocated from Ottawa so he could serve as the medical officer of health for the Sturgeon Health Unit. For the past 17 years he has been in private practice as a paediatrician, focusing primarily on children with learning and developmental difficulties. He is an active supporter of the arts and an advocate for preserving our city’s proud heritage.

Dr. Murdock’s first commentary for the St. Albert Gazette, entitled ‘Marijuana - The fun drug’ appeared on Feb. 6, 2003. His articles claim no central theme. They are written partly in response to the news of the day or to something considered important at that particular time. They often have a political theme for which no apologies are offered. The intent is not to promote or state a case on the way of the world but to stimulate thought and respectful debate.

Dee-Ann Schwanke

A lifelong Albertan, Dee-Ann Schwanke was born in Viking, and lived her childhood in rural communities. Her education and professional experience spans management and administration in private, non-profit, health care, government and post-secondary education.

She is a member of the St. Albert social master plan steering sub-committee, and a member and presenter in the Stollery Children’s Hospital family centered care council.

St. Albert residents since 1999, Schwanke and her husband Ken have a blended family of seven children, including one with special needs. She has been a Gazette columnist since 2006, writing most frequently about matters related to social and family issues.

You can contact her on her email: or visit her website at

Brian J. McLeod

Brian McLeod has been a resident of St. Albert for nearly 40 years, and has been a regular columnist for the St. Albert Gazette since 2005. His columns cover a wide range of topics, including issues that are unique to St. Albert, or Canada or of world-wide interest.

Many of his articles take a “common sense” approach to events and people, an approach that often leads to humorous results. When these results combine with Brian’s natural wit and his fine-tuned sense of sarcasm, he often creates a whole new way of looking at current events and current problems.
Brian welcomes your feedback. Please contact him by e-mail

Tim Cusack

Tim has been a columnist with the Gazette since 2007. He often brings his experiences as an educator, administrator and naval officer into his commentaries.

Also an actor, entertainer and national award-winning poet, Tim infuses his writing with humour, wit and colourful commentary. Whether topical or simply the mere musings of his brain, Tim’s wide-ranging opinions are guaranteed to make the reader consider and ponder issues and ideas pertaining to greater St. Albert and beyond.

John Kennair

John Kennair has been formally educated and trained in international law and international relations. After being awarded his doctorate in 1997 from the University of Kent, he worked as a consultant to a number of private companies and governments in Canada.

After gaining a practical insight into his field of study, John returned in 2007 to teach political science at a number of local universities and colleges, teaching international relations and Canadian politics. John has presented at a number of international conferences, and he has published work exploring Arctic sovereignty.

His most recent publication is the book A Forgotten Legacy: Canadian Leadership in the Commonwealth, which came out in print in 2011 He continues to teach and do research in the area of Canadian foreign policy.

Jared Milne

A lifelong resident of St. Albert, Jared received a French immersion education then continued to pursue a bilingual education at the University of Alberta.

This exposure to French-Canadian culture inspired Jared's interest in Canadian history, including the histories of St. Albert and Alberta. From there, he also developed an interest in politics and public policy, which informs his commentaries. He first published a letter in the Gazette in 2003, and has been a regular contributor to the Gazette's opinion pages ever since.

Since graduating from university, Jared has continued to pursue his interests in history, politics and public policy, working as a civil servant and freelance researcher. He has also been active in the community as an alumnus of the St. Albert Children's Theatre, a researcher for the Musée Héritage Museum and a director of the St. Albert Taxpayers' Association.

Derek Mitchell

Derek Mitchell grew up in St. Albert and has fond memories of family strolls along the river valley, picking up fresh fruit from Holes Greenhouses and spending much of his youth inline skating the highways and byways of this beautiful town.

After graduating with a bilingual diploma from St. Albert High School — as it was then known — he went on to complete a combined phys-ed and education degree program at the University of Alberta. He’s been a teacher with Edmonton Public Schools since 2001.

Derek has always had a passion for video games, from the time of his first Atari 2600 — which made him pray for rainy days — through his various Nintendo phases and in his current reality of multiple platforms. With a column called Virtual Corner, he’s been writing about the world of video games for the St. Albert Gazette since 2007.

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