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Saturday Jul 19, 2014

Floods are becoming the norm

In June 2005 the North Saskatchewan River was high and rising. A few more inches and the water would be over the banks into Edmonton’s Riverdale community. Not long before the river crested safely, I went to a height of land overlooking the valley to take a look. I was struck by how peaceful the scene appeared. The river was very high, that was...

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Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Politeness and the dodo bird

It doesn’t take much effort to be polite. But you’d never know it travelling around in these parts.

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Saturday Jul 12, 2014

Canadians garner more respect than attention

Earlier this month, I had opportunity to experience both Canada Day and the American fourth of July festivities through the lens of the splendorous Caribbean Island nation, St. Lucia.

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Wednesday Jul 9, 2014

Northern Gateway shows new approach needed

Last month, the Northern Gateway pipeline was approved by the Harper government. In response, many First Nations people swore they would never support the pipeline being built through their lands. Many people accused the aboriginals of being greedy and lazy, opposing the pipeline simply to wring more money out of Enbridge. However, as with so much else in Canada, things are more complicated than...

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Saturday Jul 5, 2014

Exploitation is nothing new

Exploitation – it is a sad reality of the human condition. Not unlike war, famine, or disease, it is something that has always afflicted mankind. People have always used others to advance their own economic and social wellbeing.

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Wednesday Jul 2, 2014

It’s hard to keep good Watch Dogs down

Story ImageThough delayed six months, the highly anticipated Watch Dogs is worth the wait. Beautifully sculpted vistas are a joy to behold and explore while the hacking adds a unique element to the already exciting and fun formula. While some may see it as simply a rip-off of GTA V, there is enough unique material and minor shifts in game play and presentation to make Watch Dogs a great game in its own...

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Jul 02

Mid-term 2014: annus horribilus?

Summer has finally arrived and we are halfway through a year in which, with the best efforts of just about everyone, failures in political judgment and action are epidemic.
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Jun 28

Neighbourhood social media campaign is simple bullying

Imagine if you will, a local student parking his older, somewhat rusty bicycle where his peers can see it.
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Jun 25

It's important to remember

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana
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