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Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

CRB moves hint at forward progress

Two recent bits of news out of the Capital Region Board are positive signs that the much-maligned body can be more effective in the years to come. First, on April 9 it was announced that the board’s CEO Doug Lagore and chair Nolan Crouse (St. Albert’s mayor) are hitting the road to visit rural members. This tour will see Lagore and Crouse visit...

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Saturday Apr 12, 2014

Hats off to volunteers

Saturday marks the end of National Volunteer Week, which celebrates volunteers everywhere. Here in St. Albert there are plenty such people.

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Wednesday Apr 9, 2014

Medical marijuana facility could be good medicine

St. Albert city council landed on its feet like a surprised but agile cat Monday night after the sudden revelation that a medical marijuana facility application may be coming to the city.

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Saturday Apr 5, 2014

Albertans are entitled to better

Albertans are the boss – hardly an epiphany, unless you’re talking to some members of the provincial Tory caucus who share a sense of entitlement.

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Wednesday Apr 2, 2014

Harper government's shame

All Canadians, regardless of race, gender, age or social class, can agree on one thing, if nothing else: this nation’s war veterans have performed courageously and impressively in every theatre of conflict they’ve ever entered.

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Saturday Mar 29, 2014

The joke's on us

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Oh sure, we Albertans talked a big game during the last provincial election. We were all revved up and about to make a change. It was going to be the end of the decades-long Tory reign and the accompanying arrogance that came with it.

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Mar 26

Grandin development can’t be overstated

Transforming the Grandin mall property into a 21st century urban village will literally alter St. Albert as we know it today – and for the better.
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Mar 22

Community's hearts are with McCann family

There was plenty of breaking news this week, but there was one headline that hit especially close to home: Murder charges stayed against Vader.
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Mar 19

Redford needs to be a true leader

Premier Alison Redford must be replaying the last year over and over in her mind, recalling the political gaffes that have led her to the political precipice.
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Mar 15

Speed limits are the real St. Albert trap

Photo radar – it is to St. Albert what the sausage is to Mundare. This city is infamous for its attack on so-called speeders. The dastardly photo radar Jeep could be lurking around the very next corner. Commuters are left wondering if today is the day the cop will jump out from behind a pole or...
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Mar 12

Riel is the proper site for bike park

The mountain bike skills park debate intensified last week at an open house, with echoes reminiscent of the Erin Ridge school site controversy. Upon closer examination, however, the bike skills park seems much more cut and dried.
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Mar 08

Profane signs have crossed a line

It’s a sign that someone has lost his or her marbles. Either that, or the individual(s) putting up the Crouse A$%hole signs around the city has a brain the size of a marble.
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Mar 05

Be careful what you type

Social media, while valuable for instantly catching up with your friends and tweeting what you had for supper, showed once again that it can be abused by anyone who has access to the Internet.
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Mar 01

Think before boosting liquor hours

The relaxation of licensed drinking establishment rules for the Feb. 23 gold medal men’s hockey game was truly a lesson in provincial governance. Ministers Thomas Lukaszuk and Jonathan Denis, tweeting back and forth about possibly expanding licensed drinking hours, illustrate how policy can be...
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