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Saturday Jul 19, 2014

The twisted lives of vines

TileIt’s easy to get a little bored with the garden by mid-July. Yes, the petunias need watering – again! The tomatoes need staking. And pruning! Again! The same flowers that were in your yard yesterday are there again today and need the same TLC. But if you have a yearning to play with your plants, you need a vine. Vining plants have personality! One ...

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Jul 12

Beautiful blooms

Everyone loves a rose – the intoxicating smell and delicately layered bloom is the stuff of poetry, a symbol of love and beauty. According to, roses have enjoyed the honour of being the most popular flower in the world, likely to due to the varieties of colour, size and...
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Jul 05

Made in the shade

Those with a deck or balcony that faces south or west know that the summer heat is a mixed blessing. Like everyone else, they crave the warm weather, but once it’s here, many can’t enjoy the yard because of the summer’s intense rays, not to mention the blistering heat that can descend upon exposed...
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Jun 28

A cut to be kind

You’ve got your lawn and garden looking great, but now have a gander at the trees in the front and back yard. Do you see dead foliage? Are the limbs or trunk cracked or missing bark? Or is it all just an unruly mess, with drooping, heavy branches calling out for some TLC?
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Jun 21

From olive tree to table

You’ve heard of farm to fork – the concept of eating fresh, locally-sourced food, often organic and of top quality. The same premise is in the works at The Enjoy Centre, where the newly opened Evoolution store is a natural complement to the fresh, home-grown herbs, tomatoes and salad greens that...
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Jun 14

All decked out

Like other backyard trends that extend living space – indoor/outdoor rugs, furniture, lighting and even outdoor kitchens – the deck is a focal point for outdoor living and a much-desired space for entertaining, cooking, eating or just lounging with a book.
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Jun 07

If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em!

Its sweet, yellow bloom may look innocent, but for many homeowners, the lowly, ubiquitous dandelion is a weed, a nuisance, a pest – and a mighty foe in the quest for a pristine lawn.
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May 31

Keep your home safe this summer

Everyone is likely to take a bit of vacation time away from home over the summer, from a long weekend to a few weeks of camping. Whatever the time frame, away is still away, and leaving your house or condo unattended for any length of time can be nerve-wracking.
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May 24

Ready, set, grow!

The May long weekend saw throngs at the garden centres, buying baskets full of vegetables and flower seedlings to get the garden season off and running. But, as anxious as Albertans understandably are to take advantage of the short growing season, it’s always a gamble to plant before the danger of...
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