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Saturday Apr 19, 2014

Eat your perennials

TileFor old school gardeners, or those who grew up on a family farm, perennial edibles are a no-brainer – crops that bear a harvest year after year, without replanting, just make good sense. Do you have a rhubarb plant in your backyard, one that returns reliably each spring and summer, come rain or shine? Other common perennials that survive our...

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Apr 12

Get ready to sell

Early indications show that the St. Albert housing market is in for a banner spring selling season. Spring is traditionally the busiest time of the year for house and condominium sales. Realtors say the present limited inventory, combined with the usual influx of spring home-buyers, has already set...
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Apr 05

Start your garden … indoors

The winter is long for everyone in St. Albert, but gardeners get especially antsy by early spring, anxious to get outside and get dirty. Overnight temperatures must stay consistently above freezing (and that’s not until well into May), before transplants and seedlings find a home in garden beds and...
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Mar 29

New look for your kitchen

Spring has sprung, so it must be home renovation and/or selling season. And since the kitchen is the heart of the home, where we all gather to eat, socialize and connect, it’s no surprise that it’s the spot we pay most attention to when it comes time to spruce up or modernize our living spaces,...
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Mar 22

A portal to your home

Do you pay attention to your garage door? Like most homeowners, you only notice it when there’s a problem – it doesn’t open when your remote control asks it to, for instance, or when it needs repainting. But, as with attractive landscaping, the visuals of a garage do matter for curb appeal or...
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Mar 12

Making the case for window replacement

Are you feeling a draft come through your home’s windows? Do the panes ice up each winter, or are they tricky to open and close at any time of year? These issues are a sure sign your windows need attention, but even if there’s not an evident problem, homeowners may want to give thought to replacing...
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Mar 08

On the wall art

Murals, often thought to be the domain of day-care centres and restaurants – or perhaps a historical mosaic on the outside of a city building – aren’t so much a thought for décor in the master bedroom, foyer or family room.
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Mar 01

Avant-garde tiles making a splash

If you can imagine a picture, it's likely such an image can be transformed into a piece of tile art on your bathroom wall, the feature wall in your kitchen or on the floor in the front foyer of your home.
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Feb 22

Be diligent about your foundation

A house is only as good as the foundation it’s built on, so you can’t mess around when any problems occur. And spring is often the time when issues arise, as snow melt, cracks and leaks reveal any potential trouble to the structural base of the house. In fact, not much puts a sense of dread in a...
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