It’s time to put fast fashion on pause

Three dollar t-shirts? Twenty bucks for a pair of jeans? These days it’s easy to create a huge wardrobe of fashion-forward items, but what’s the true cost? Cheap clothing from stores that can change their showroom over weekly is called fast fashion – but it’s causing a slow burn across the world.

Fast fashion is problematic for several reasons. The patterns are usually copied (read: stolen) from hardworking fashion designers, or quickly created to jump on passing trend. Also, the fabrics used are cheap and not sourced in ethical or sustainable ways. Your three dollar t-shirt usually falls apart after a couple of wash cycles. You may feel good about donating these clothes as they wear out, but thanks to their poor quality, donation sites don’t care for them either! Most fast fashion items ultimately wind up in a landfill.

Most alarmingly, however, is this fact: to create such volumes of cheap clothing, it has to be made as inexpensively as possible. This leads to sweatshop-like conditions and underpayment for labourers.

The true cost of fast fashion isn’t worth it. It’s far better to have quality clothing that is sourced, created, and sold in ethical ways. Thankfully, there is a growing movement against fast fashion and a greater appreciation for the brands like LNBF Bamboo Clothing.

LNBF means “leave nothing but footprints” and it’s a brand you’ll enjoy supporting.

One of the fastest growing and sustainable plants in the world, bamboo yields 10 times more material per acre than cotton. It is grown and harvested with very little water and no pesticides. Soft and lightweight, bamboo is great for those with sensitive skin.

Grown in chemical-free environments and harvested ethically, organic cotton farmers use methods that naturally replenish growing soils and protect groundwater sources.

Here at Sublime Swim & Sunwear, we are strong supporters of the movement against fast fashion. Think of all those items in your closet that you don’t even wear. Wouldn’t you rather have quality pieces that you can feel great about wearing?

Put the pause on fast fashion and see the difference at Sublime Swim & Sunwear, where we have the largest selection of swimwear and accessories for women and men in Alberta; and where the customer service is so great, we are rated a near perfect five/five in independent consumer reviews.

Come on in and experience the difference today. 


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