Last Updated: Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Flight School By Lita Judge

Little Penguin has the soul of an eagle, but he wasn't built to soar. With irrepressible spirit, Penguin follows his dreams to flip, flap, fly! Even if he needs a little help with the technical parts, this penguin is ready to live on the wind.

Be Happy! By Monica Sheehan

Sing and dance a little! Have fun! Be kind – be brave! And be the best YOU. This sweet and inspirational book reminds us of the simple things that really do make for a happier life: making friends, being thankful, dreaming big, and most of all – being happy!


Call of the Klondike: a True Gold Rush Adventure By David Meissner

Stanley Pearce and Marshall Bond were two young prospectors who hauled a year's worth of supplies through treacherous terrain on a dangerous journey in hope of striking gold and finding their fortunes. This is the true story of their expedition, a journey that readers will never forget.

The Boy at the Dike: a Dutch Folktale By M.J. York

The Netherlands or Holland is a small country in Europe on the North Sea. This is the story of one brave little boy who plugged the hole in a dike, to save his town from flooding. It is a story that has been told and retold so many times that it is legendary to the people of Holland.


The Time of the Fireflies By Kimberley Little

When Larissa starts receiving eerie phone calls on a disconnected old phone in her family's antique shop, she knows she's in for a strange summer. Clues lead her to the muddy riverbanks, where she finds clouds of fireflies that take her on a magical journey through time, where Larissa learns secrets about her family's tragic past and deadly, curse-ridden secrets that could harm the future of her family!

Shipwreck Island By S.A. Bodeen

Sarah's dad and stepmom have decided to take her and her two stepbrothers on a special vacation in order to break the ice and have everyone get to know one another. They'll fly to Tahiti, charter a boat, and go sailing for a few days. It'll be fun, right? Wrong. The new family must quickly come together in order to avoid disaster and get home alive.


Super Pop! Pop Culture Top Ten Lists By Daniel Harmon

With this entertaining compilation of lists, find out what books to read, and which movies and television shows to watch to gain the survival skills to outwit death, what essential catchphrases you should use at dinner parties, and the smartest inanimate objects in the history of pop culture.

Mayday By Jonathan Friesen

Crow's story begins with her own death. She has sacrificed herself for her younger sister, Addy. Then Crow is given a second chance to make things right. The catch is that she comes back to life as someone else, and things no longer seem as clear-cut as she remembers them.


The Eliot Girls By Krista Bridge

For back to school, a novel set behind the ivy walls of a Toronto private school, the George Eliot Academy. Audrey Brindle has been accepted after several failed attempts, to the delight of her mother, a teacher at the school. Now Audrey must navigate the treacherous academic and social world. Nominated for the Writers Trust Fiction Prize.

This Is the Water By Yannick Murphy

This is the water. This is the swim mom. This is a story of young swim team swimmers and their parents. Annie worries about her two daughters on the swim team, about her distracted husband, about the other swim moms. But everything changes when a swimmer is murdered.