Last Updated: Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Aviary Wonders Inc. By Kate Samworth

The year is 2031, and birds no longer exist in the wild like they do now. Instead, you can buy a bird from a catalog, like this one, and build it up to look how you like. Choose the beak, legs, wings and more! A funny, colourful book, with enough information to ponder the beautiful genius and fragility of nature.

This is the Rope By Jacqueline Woodson

The story of a rope and the story of a family through three generations. When a little girl in South Carolina finds a rope under a tree, she has no idea it will become part of her family’s history as they seek better opportunities in New York City.


Bones Never Lie; How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries By Elizabeth Macleod

Persons of fame in history, such as Napoleon or King Tut, often come to a mysterious end. With the latest in technology, an analysis of remains can often shed light on the causes of death. If you like forensics, this book will ignite an interest in history. Likewise if history is a passion, the science of DNA analysis will become a new intrigue.

Severn and the Day She Silenced the World By Janet Wilson

In 1992, Rio de Janeiro held the first Earth Summit. Severn Cullis-Suzuki, a 12-year-old girl, delivered a speech that will be remembered as powerful and challenging. She and four friends were inspired to start the Environmental Children’s Organization and go to the Summit. She has demonstrated that children can effect change in the world.


My Explosive Diary By Emily Gale

Eliza Boom is having a blast. Her father is an inventor who makes gadgets for spies, and Eliza is his unofficial assistant! Eliza knows if she can just build that one indispensable thing that every secret agent needs, she can become a full-fledged spy herself, but somehow her inventions keep going wrong. Still, with her best friend Einstein the dog, she's not going to give up.

All Four Stars By Tara Dairman

Gladys Gatsby has been cooking gourmet dishes since the age of seven. Now eleven, she’s been cut off from the kitchen (it was just a small kitchen fire)! Gladys is devastated, until she's mistakenly contacted to write a restaurant review for one of the largest newspapers in the world. But in order to meet her deadline and keep her dream job, Gladys must cook her way into the heart of her sixth-grade archenemy and sneak into New York City!


Homeroom Diaries By James Patterson & Lisa Papademetriou

Margaret “Cuckoo” Clarke is ready to turn a new leaf after her emotional breakdown and subsequent stint in a mental institution. She’s determined to capture the sensory and emotional overload of high school in her diary and to complete a nearly impossible mission: bridge the gap between warring cliques.

Uncaged (The Singular Menace, #1) By John Sanford & Michele Cook

Shay arrives in Hollywood with $58 and a handmade knife, searching for her brother, the brilliant hacker, Odin. Odin is basically a dead man walking after he and a radical group of activists expose terrible secrets from a corporate research lab. With her brother on the run and a menacing security team threatening her every move, find out if Shay has what it takes to save her brother and expose the truth.


Somewhere in France By Jennifer Robson

For the centennial of the start of the First World War (August 4), an evocative novel of the divide between love and duty during the Great War. Lady Neville-Ashford rebels by joining the Women's Auxiliary and becoming an ambulance driver. Robson comes to St. Albert on October 25 for STARFest.

The Cartographer of No Man’s Land By P.S. Duffy

When his brother-in-law goes missing at the front in 1916, Angus defies his pacifist family and joins up. Assured of a non-combatant role as a cartographer, instead he is sent directly to battle. Duffy comes to St. Albert on October 25 for STARFest.