Last Updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Here Comes the Easter Cat By Deborah Underwood

Move over, Easter Bunny. HERE COMES CAT. Heís got a sparkly suit, a shiny red motorcycle, and one burning desire: to take LOTS of naps. Sorry Ė thatís not right. What was it, Cat? Oh, yes Ė got it. One burning desire TO TAKE OVER EASTER.

Peep Leap By Elizabeth Verdick

Nine baby wood ducks crack open nine little eggs in a tree. Almost done, says Mama duck. Last but not least, little number 10 breaks his way free. Mama leads the way to a branch and one by one nine baby ducks jump down to the pond below. Almost done, says Mama duck. Little number 10 is still building his courage. Help him count to 10 to make the leap!


You Can Draw Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Magical Creatures By Mattia Cerato

Do you love to draw but sometimes need a little help? Here is a great book for drawing all things magical from mermaids to dragons. Guaranteed to spark the imagination!

You Read to Me, Iíll Read to You By Mary Ann Hoberman

This treasure of a book allows two readers to take turns reading their parts of a story. It is perfect for the emergent reader to show just how easy reading is becoming. And it comes complete with comical illustrations that are full of fun!


The Spotted Dog Last Seen By Jessica Scott Kerrin

Derek is assigned to repair duty at the local cemetery for the community service unit as part of grade six. Derek is not happy about his assignment, but when it rains, the lessons move to the public library. One day, a book arrives at the library and Derek and his friends find a secret code written on an inside margin. One code leads to the next, with the last code leading the students to a time capsule thatís been buried for a long time.

Letís Get Cracking! By Cyndi Marko

One day Gordon Blueís birdy senses lead him to a festival, when suddenly, POOF! Feathers fill the air and shivering naked chickens are everywhere. Why have all these chickens lost their feathers? Forced to wear woolly sweaters, the city itches for a hero. So Gordon transforms into Kung Pow Chicken and hops into his Beakmobile to save the city of Fowladelphia!


Guy in Real Life By Steve Brezenoff

At 2:30 in the morning, two strangers on bikes collide. The boy, Lesh, wears black, listens to metal, and plays MMOs; the girl, Svetlana, embroiders her skirts, listens to Bj?rk, and dungeon masters her own RPG. They should dust themselves off, carry on, and never talk to each other again. But they donít. This is a story about the roles we play Ė at school, at home, with friends Ė and finding the one person who might show us what lies underneath it all.

The Iron Legends By Julie Kagawa

Three exciting novellas set in the fantasy world of the Iron Fey. In Winterís Passage, follow Meghanís dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory to fulfill her promise to the Prince of the Winter Court. In Summerís Crossing, A call from the Exile Queen turns Puck and his archenemy, Prince Ash, into reluctant allies and sets them on a journey of betrayal. In Ironís Prophecy, Meghanís long awaited union with Ash is darkened by the oracleís warning that her firstborn child will bring only grief.


Still Life with Bread Crumbs By Anna Quindlen

For Earth Day, a charming novel about a city woman who finds peace in the country. No longer able to afford her Manhattan apartment, a photographer moves to a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. In nature she finds new inspiration and soon, unexpected love.

In Paradise By Peter Matthiessen

Acclaimed writer Matthiessen (The Snow Leopard, Shadow Country) died recently on the day his final book was published. In Paradise is a novel in which a disparate group of people are on a retreat at Auschwitz in 1996. An American professor is researching the life of a poet, but he gradually learns uncomfortable facts about his own family.