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What's in store for St. Albert in 2014?

Part two of psychic Victoria Markham's reading for the city

By: Scott Hayes

  |  Posted: Wednesday, Jan 01, 2014 06:00 am

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The Gazette asked local psychic Victoria Markham to do a reading on what 2014 might have in store for this city in different respects.

Through her business called Everyone’s Energy, she also works in tarot card readings, as well as dream interpretations, numerology and psychometry. The business also sells personal products for people and their pets.

This is the second part of her intuitive reading including her readings on business and the weather, along with some final thoughts.

The following are her responses as done on December 12.


“With respect to business in 2014, ‘steadfastness’ is what’s important. Our businesspeople have to stick to their original focus and their goals. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. We have a lot of growth coming soon around the city and that will impact us and it will improve our business.

“And we have had more members joining the chamber, more members joining things like Rotary groups, more networking groups. But with the advent of electronics and Twitter and Facebook, and cellphones and the ‘instant-on’ media where the news now is old by the time they prepare it for the six o’clock news when it happened at two in the afternoon, it’s already old news. Everybody’s tweeted it, everybody’s seen it, everybody’s heard it, so people are more in tune and therefore, as a business-person if you make a change in your business – a new product, a new service or a new employee – it will get out there very quickly that this has happened. And people will make their decisions and flow to the businesses quickly.

“But some of the older businesses may fear that because they’re not technologically advanced—maybe they don’t have younger people or the funds for a computer-Twitter-person to be their publicity person and they’re trying to do it themselves – they need not worry. If they remain tried and true and stick to the basic ethics of business—good service, timely, good value for the dollar – even if it costs them in the short term, if they remain steadfast, they will do well in the long term. So I predict that business in St. Albert for 2014 will continue to grow and will continue to thrive and will change.

“Many people will be looking at partnering. Partnering with younger energies; with people that do have this instant ability to move forward and I encourage the businesspeople to welcome this change because the new generation that’s coming up, they are born knowing. They know who they are, they know what they want, they know what their goals are at such an early age and they have the confidence, not the fear that we had when we started.

“We always had fear of failure put into us and fear of change, you know? ‘Stay with the same company for 35 years, get your gold watch, retire.’ That was excellent advice in its day but in this day and age a lot of companies don’t last thirty-five years. So it’s not reasonable to expect that people coming in to work with these companies will want to have that outlook.

“So it’s important that businesses, while they remain open to change and progress, really, really focus on the old-fashioned values and the steadfastness of, you know, ‘I’m staying open until nine o’clock because there might be only one customer that comes in today between six and nine but that one customer could be that young person that will Twitter for me, what great service they had or what a great product they received from me, to all their friends and tomorrow, I may have to stay open until nine or nine-thirty because so many people have swarmed in to follow up on this information that they were given.’ And this is how the change is going to come forward. But, even a young person recognizes quality. Even a person that doesn’t have that experience recognizes that.

“And I believe with respect to business that our biggest success is going to be going back to the old ways of teaching which is to bring in an apprentice to the business and train them at a very young age to move forward with your company and learn your craft and eventually to take over that business for you. So, it’s kind of ironic because I’m saying, ‘Don’t go for the 35-year gold watch,’ but that’s as an employee. To go with the focus of, ‘Someday, I can do this too. I can be a craftsman too. I can provide this quality and service too.’

“To teach our young people the values that they have missed. There is a growing speed to our generation now that just doesn’t understand the value of ethics and good service. And I’m not saying all kids today are like that, definitely not. But there is a growing number that are and so it is up to us to mentor these young people and bring them up in the old-fashioned values so that our businesses will thrive in the future.”


“I’m getting a bit of a mixed message with that which is not surprising. Weather is never something that is completely structured and dependable. However, we have had weather patterns recently in the last few years that are changing from our dependable, old-fashioned systems and, ironically, we can depend on that (!) to remain the same. So, this coming year is going to continue to bring drastic changes in the weather.

“The important watchword this year is ‘readiness.’ So, we need to be prepared and we are very fortunate here in St. Albert because we live in an area where, although we do have great changes in the weather sometimes, we are a little bit more soundly structured or solidly based and protected from some of the elements that, unfortunately, some other areas and countries are not. So, our readiness is not so much to be prepared for ourselves to have a house blown away by a tornado or a basement flooded by flash flood waters, but to be ready to help those unfortunate around us who will experience that this year again.

“And we have moved forward with our city and our lands here, and there is a maturity and stability to those lands. We need to respect that and be very cautious where we do our new building so that we are not encouraging problems like being too close to a river and flooding. If the banks have flooded in the previous century, they’ll do so again. And because this is again, back to the Age of Aquarius and things moving quickly and easily, it is going to happen where changes in the weather will come quickly and easily.

“And therefore we will go from a bright, sunny day to a vicious thunderstorm within a matter of minutes and therefore, our knowledge and experience says to always be prepared. And that is the watchword for this year, so our weather here will not be severely taxing on the residents here. We will have bad weather but it will come and go quickly but it will impact those around us and we will be seen as a safe haven and we need to be ready to help those that come to us for assistance when their residences and homes are negatively affected by the fluctuations in weather that are coming.

“However, overall I see hotter weather, so again we will be warming up some more but hotter weather does bring more thunderstorms, more heat lightning, higher winds, dryness. So, with respect to gardening and saving of water, again, it’s ‘readiness’: use the rain barrels, save drinking water in bottles in your house so that if there are temporary shutdowns to electricity or to water provisions because of lack of water and the dryness, that we will have some. Try and plant your yards so that the shade trees prevent burning of the plants. Put in the extra peat moss, the extra deep plantings, the rocks around your flowers to keep the moisture in the moss, that kind of thing, so that the plants that we do have and the grass when watered will not just run off down into the street but will retain for the dryer days to come.”

Last words

“My last word is ‘exuberance’ and this is for our citizens of the City of St. Albert. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city in such a safe country and in such an awesome area and we need to be embracing life in all its aspects. Even if it is a big thunderstorm, let’s dance in the rain and celebrate because tomorrow it’ll be dry. And tomorrow let’s be excited about the dryness and the heat and how it bakes our skin and gives us a beautiful tan.

“These are the kinds of outlooks we need to have when we embrace 2014 and the changes to come. Let’s be excited about them. Let’s not fear the future. I was told many years ago, ‘FEAR’ is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ and it’s all in our heads. We only have the present, the now and it is our positive energy that affects those around us.

“The energy that one single person puts out extends approximately a mile from their body. So when you think about everybody that’s in a one-mile radius of you and that your positive day is affecting them and perhaps uplifting somebody that started out with not such a good day, can you imagine what we would accomplish if this entire city practiced days of exuberance and joy and positivity? And I leave you with that thought and my hope that 2014 will be the best year yet for the citizens of the City of St. Albert.”


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